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EP Review: The Hearse (2018) by Matt Maeson

Released April 27th, 2018Let me tell you about one of the greatest artists you don't yet know about (unless you follow me on Twitter, or you really pay attention to Spotify's Viral chart.) All you really need to know about Matt Maeson is that he toured with…

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Everything Wrong with Me: An Essay

The following is a personal essay I wrote for my English Composition I class in October of 2016. I'm sharing it here for no particular reason. I received an A. Oh no! I have breast cancer. I was lying in bed, scrolling through a medical…

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Thanks for Asking

There are too many nights that start off with me planning to fall asleep around 10:00pm while listening to Say Anything's discography on shuffle that eventually end with me singing the repeated line "come pollinate me" at 1:00am alone in my bed. I should probably…

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It's Almost Christmas!

THAT'S RIGHT! I'M NOT JEWISH! & I'm going to be completely honest here: that terrifies me. The almost Christmas thing, I mean. I'm not terrified of not being Jewish. I have barely thought about Christmas at all this month. I haven't even watched Barbie &…

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