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Forgive me as I once again go on about myself for too long. I’m tired—exhausted, maybe. It’s an internal problem I’ve had with myself for some time: am I allowed to feel this way? Do I deserve to? Have I earned the right to feel…

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A Nice Bed

How do I explain the tension I feel between me & my friends on Spotify? How am I supposed to see them actively listening to a song I’ve never heard before & not add it to my queue? They’re probably listening on their phones anyway,…

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An Unbearable Feeling

Sonder is one of the worst words in the English language. It’s that feeling of realization that every single person on Earth is living a life just as full & complex as your own, even if you personally have nothing to do with it. Once…

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A Year of Movies (2019)

When I decided to become a “founder” of the Criterion Channel, I also decided to become a Film Snob™. I know it’s not really interesting to read about the taste(s) of others, but it’s my blog, & I’ll post what I want to. So, with…

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A Year of Photos (2019)

2019 is coming to an end, so I’m feeling all retrospective. That means I’m going to fill this post with photos that I have taken over the year. Think of it as a Spotify Wrapped, but instead of looking back at your terrible taste in music,…

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